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Brain Art!



Here are the new displays from our classroom and the corridor. We hope you like them!


Through the wardrobe…

We had a great time today coming up with ideas for our stories set in an imaginary world! After reading “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”, we are thinking of what sort of world we might find if we went through a magic wardrobe! We started off with some drama activities this morning (so exciting I completely forgot we had assembly…Oops!!!) and then began writing our stories this afternoon. They are going really well!

We will be sharing our stories with children in Year 1 and 2 at Recreation Road Infant School next week, as part of International Book Week  – it’s great to be able to write with an audience in mind!


What an amazing day! Well done to you all for bringing in your bags of supplies and following the instructions so well!

I was so impressed with all the shelters that you built this afternoon – you worked together really well, shared the supplies and helped each other out. No-one let the rain stop them having fun and it may have even spurred you on to make even better shelters to keep you dry!

I think we all learnt a lot today, too. We were all able to return to school and then home again to dry off and get changed, but for some people in the world it would have been a very different story.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the work we’re going to do this half term, when we will be learning a lot more about migration and refugees. Have a lovely weekend!

Great lesson today!

In our CC lesson today we had quite an interesting challenge! The children received a folder per group and had to try to make white squares with sides 5.5cm and coloured circles with diameters of 7cm. The catch? Some groups had paper but no scissors, others had scissors but no pencils, and others had pencils but no rulers! This sparked off some very creative problem solving! Eventually we realised that in order for everyone to be able to succeed, groups had to share and trade their resources with each other!

It made us think about how this is reflected in the real world. When paper ran short at the end of the activity, people were trying to buy some with their counters – just like when prices rise when supplies are short in real life. It was a very exciting and interesting activity!

Don’t forget to open your envelopes tomorrow morning… 😉

Autobiography of the old man in The Piano

I really enjoyed writting about me prentending to be the old man! it was really fun since I could imagine about things that could really happen!It was so fun!!!!!!!!  by Rosie


In maths we have been doing place value and times,10,100,1000 and dividing by 10,100,1000.We have had homework where we had to find numbers from a phonebook and make the smallest the largest and the nearest to 50,000.We also had homework where we had barcodes and we had to times the numbers by 100 and a 1000 and divide them by 100 and 1000.in place value the teacher said one of the numbers and you had to say the value of the number. by Freddie and Charlie

The Brain

In CC we have been doing work on the brain , we are enjoying learning about the diffrent parts of the brain like the cerebrum and cerebellum.We did some paintings of neurons and we really enjoyed it and blowed through straws to do it.And we have been watching this programe witch has two charecters in it called Tim and Moby it is quite funny it told us all about the brain . We have done some work on the diffrent parts of the brain by labeling them by colour it was quite easy but a little bit difficult. We also did some research in ICT about the brain.Thanks for reading from Caitlin and Syrie.