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Looking back at the first half term!

Hi 5D, hope you are enjoying the holidays!
I’d like you to think back over the last 7 weeks, and tell everyone:
One thing you learnt and one thing you really enjoyed.
I look forward to reading your comments!


Road Safety

Today we have been learning about how to stay safe on the roads – possibly our most important lesson all year! The Strings group will have the chance to do this tomorrow, and we will be making posters. Here is the website we looked at in the lesson:

Road Safety Website

Narnia prince caspian

we went to the vue cinama in castle mall to watch prince caspian. It was awsome because it was action packed and at the same time amusing and the seats were comfy.But the was no popcorn!
by Ben and Bartek

Prince Caspian reminders!

Quick reminders for tomorrow:

Arrive at school promptly – we leave at 8.45!

Wear school uniform – and bring a coat!

Bring a filling, healthy snack as we have a lot of walking to do and won’t be eating lunch until 1pm

Can’t wait – it’s going to be great!

Spellings for 1/11/10

Orange: Hero, Light, Pain, Assist, Bore

Blue: Operation, Reclaim, Imprisoned, Assistant, Boring

Red: Cooperation, Reclaimable, Imprisonment, Assistance, Boredom

Country Show!

I had a great time today at the Country Show! Hope everyone who made it enjoyed themselves too! As ever, I was impressed by the talent on display – you are all so imaginative and creative! I took photos of all the entries I could find from our class – very sorry if I missed yours, let me know if I did!


Narnia by Bartek

At school we are reading narnia. So far its really good. we also are watching Narnia the BBC version the book is exactly like the film! We are going to go to the cinema to watch prince caspian I’ve seen it but I didn’t see It in the cinema. Im really intrested at reading the rest. bye