Looking to the stars

Hi 5D, hope you are enjoying the holidays!
I’d like you to think back over the last 7 weeks, and tell everyone:
One thing you learnt and one thing you really enjoyed.
I look forward to reading your comments!


Comments on: "Looking back at the first half term!" (10)

  1. You have had a busy half term 5D. I can’t wait to see which part you choose!

  2. I really enjoyed learning about the brain, like doing the straws and paint!

  3. Well I enjoied the writing on the last day. The writing about the film from the cinema, writing 250 words is not easy but I sure can and i’ve been writing more than 1000 words at creative writing club and I thim I’m great.

  4. i liked doing class maths and the brain art we did

  5. I really injoyed writing the poems. It was quit tricky but fun.

  6. I liked doing the brain art and writing a chapter of Narnia.

  7. I really enjoyed this term and its the end of the holidays i can’t wait to find out what are we doing next!

  8. Yeah me to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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