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Spellings for 7th February

These are for next week…

Red: Pollution, competition, professional, politician, confusion

Blue: Reflection, fiction, direction, cushion, fashion

Orange: Fraction, fiction, station, motion, emotion


Spellings for 1st February

Sorry, I totally forgot to put these up last week!

Red: Applied, achievement, perceived, neighbourhood, mischievous

Blue: Applied, achieve, perceive, neighbour, mischief

Orange: Piece, friend, field, believe, eight

Hello to our visitors!

I can see we are having visitors to our blog from Ms De Selm’s class in Colorado! Please leave a comment on this post telling us a little bit about you and your school, we’d love to learn more about you all! 🙂

5D, maybe you could use the comments to ask any questions you might have?

Oranges, Riddles and Fantastic Journeys

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Today in our Well Versed poetry sessions we got up close and personal with some oranges!

Oranges are… an edible lump of orange…tangy fruit…a planet in the universe…a big blob, and if you flatten it out there’s a puddle of juice…nothing like ear wax…like the earth’s core…a segment in an alien’s brain…rubbery and smooth…vibrant…an orange snowball from Venus…like a football out of control…it sounds like cutting a pumpkin…feels like snakeskin…lopsided…like a fat person with no legs…nothing like tomato soup…a pumpkin coach for one of Cinderella’s mice…sounds like something uncurling into position…or a wild animal approaching through a bush…smells like a day at the seaside…

Can you figure out our riddles?

I sit around every day with my twin

Waiting til when I will next be used

I pont in five directions, on every point I see something new, thanks to the human

What am I?


I am like a shark opening and closing

I can hold your work together

When you load me up it is like bullets in a gun

I go click, click, click ready to chomp your work together

I am a….


I have one eye that is full of mirrors

I can show you your happy times again and again

Look in me and smile


I snap at grass,

hanging on for dear life,

then I am pulled off,

and put into darkness


Wiggling worms clicking the clicker

going in dips

Guards guarding the Queen’s pride

Hard, bumpy things that go in slots


I turn small things into big things

I’m like a snake with a big head

I am a loop with no strings.

Finally we went on an imaginary journey…more to come on that later!

Secret message…


Sagrada Familia

At school we are learning about Sagrada Famillia. Its really fun! On the title page we had to draw sagrada famillia it was really fun! this is what it looks like.


James’ Robin hood story

He was beind him!

Robin dodged the shining blade, Robin sprung ford and drew his sword, Will grabbed his dagger from his pouch . The Sheriff  lifted his sword for a final swipe, puting his life in risk, Will blocked the pointed blade and knocked it out of his hands! “Thanks Will”.thanked Robin. While Will was fighting the Sheriff, Robin creaped down to Marians sell, lifted the iron bars, gave a rope to hang on then Marian grabed the rope that Robin herld down and Robin lifted made marian to safety. Will ducked under the Sheriffs sword and it got stuck in a rock as if they were the jaws of a shark. Will ran after Robin and Marian as fast as he could through the cave like a mouth. From there they went into the dark forest and into there den.

By James