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millie,zoe,josie and evie’s 100 word challenge

Mums gone. She’s somewhere in there I know it – looking for me probably now i think about it, I’m stupid to have run away from her. It wasn’t mums fault. She took me to this concert with her love not for the sake of it. I know she does love me deep inside, i think its just because of Garry her boyfriend. I walked on and i heard music. the music seemed to come from a tent. I think she would be on there. That’s the sort of music she likes!


Lara’s 100 word challenge

I was sitting at school in the middle of the lesson, peeling off our table label. We have pathetic table names. They are colours; ours is orange. I so wanted it to be blue .“Alice Matthews, will you pay attention!” barked our English teacher Mrs Allwell. My class all snorted when we got a supply teacher as her name’s Allwell. At the end of school, I grabbed my bag and rushed outside. In the distance I heard some music. It seemed to be coming from the park. it was an ice-cream van. I had my favourite ice-cream, Mr Blues! Yum!!!!!

Lewis’s 100 word challenge

I went to the sea side, the band was playing but the music seemed to come from up the road, perhaps someone had it on in their car. I went to the chip shop but it was to full so I went to lie down on the beach I laid there until the tide came in, when it did I sat down on a bench. The chip shop was less full now so I went there for lunch and ate it in the car because it was raining, the only problem was that the car smelt like rotten onions and eggs.

Caitlin’s 100 word challenge

Sunshine peered in from the curtains of my bedroom lighting the room up.  I opened my eyes and slowly crawled out of my bed. 9.ooam is what my clock told me, at least it was Saturday and no school otherwise I would be VERY late. I looked out of my window, Bluetits, Blackbirds, Great-tits and Sparrows where singing beautifully in my Garden. The music seemed to come from the trees. A Bluetit and a Sparrow were on my window sill. I was so Amazed I mean I could actually reach my hand out and touch them. This moment was so I don’t know lets say wonderful and I will never forget it.

Hewett Trip!

We are going to the Hewett School tomorrow to watch Grimm Tales!

Remember – NO SLIP – NO TRIP!!!!!!

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease remember to bring in your slips tomorrow!!!

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WE’VE HAD A VISITOR FROM ROMANIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!

I’m Alexia, and I come from Romania- we’ve had 1 visitor from Romania!!!