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Monster Linoits







Interesting space blog


Thanks for the link, Alexia!

Coming up this week:

There are a few things to remember this week.

Monday: Autobiographies due in. If you haven’t managed to complete it yet, that’s okay, but please tell me and let me know when you plan to hand it in.

Please bring costumes for the dance show in in a named bag.

Tuesday:  Final chance for rehearsals!

Wednesday: The dance show. Our coach is arriving at 1pm sharp ready to take us to the Open Venue. Performances are at 4 and 7 – make sure you get your tickets as they are selling fast! You can be collected after the event at 8.30pm – no earlier.

Remember to bring enough food to last you all day! We will be there from 1 til 8.30 so you are going to need plenty to keep you going – 2 main meals plus snacks. You may also wish to bring something to keep you amused – a reading book, notebook, sticker book, trading cards etc – but no electrical items, please, and do make sure you look after anything you bring carefully!

Thursday – Everyone is expected into school at 8.40am as normal.

Friday – Space Projects are due in today! No last minute excuses please – you have had 7 weeks to complete this project – if you are having problems and don’t think it will be ready on time, let me know as soon as possible, not on Friday itself!

We have lots of fun things lined up this week, including writing our Doctor Who scripts and some more work on Space. I look forward to seeing you on Monday!

Space Fact Blog!

I have just set us up a new blog – and posting to it couldn’t be simpler! All you have to do is log in to our avenue5d gmail account. Send the email to: post@posterous.com Write the title of your post as your email subject, then write your blog post in the main email box. If you want to include any pictures or powerpoints, add them as an attachment. You can also add video by copying the url of the video and pasting it into the email.

Then just press SEND and a few seconds later it will appear on our new blog!

The address of the blog is http://avenue5d.posterous.com

Hope to have lots of contributions!

josies 100 word challenge

why did I ever ask to look after my sisters and brother on my own for my mum to go to devon with her mates? its only for a few days but it’s so difficult, my brother’s shouting my sisters crying my head pounding  im  17   but don’t want to be the adult .  and i have to do this properly so  i picked up my siblings and wurled them around in till they squealed happily and then we sat on the sofa and watched a film together and then cuddled up in bed happily I suppose this isn’t that bad………………..i think!!!!

100 Word Challenge

Here is this week’s 100 word challenge…

…That was SO difficult!…

Please do join in! The main page is here:  http://www.theheadsoffice.co.uk/100-word-challenge-week-10/

It would be lovely if some of you could enter and and also take a look and comment on some other people’s!

Remember, before you submit your post, please read it through carefully and check your punctuation!

A letter from the government!


Today we received a response from Tim Loughton MP, the minister for Children and Families! He had read the letters we sent to David Cameron last November, and wrote us a very long and detailed response. It was really great to know that our concerns are being listened to and that the government is trying to take action against bullying.

Well done to all of you for writing such excellent persuasive letters!