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Doctor who

This is the cybermen quiz!


Caitlin’sReviews:Test week

Test week was very hard work and everyone put LOADS of effort into it. We had 2 writing tests: a long one and a short one, 2 math tests one calculator one and one non calculator one, a spelling test and a reading test. Well done to everyone and I hope you did well. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I did well!!!


UK from space!


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Packaging request

For our science lesson this week, we will need some examples of food packaging – eg cereal boxes, labels from tin cans, bread wrappers, empty packets.

Please could you save any of these from your home and bring them into school in time for Wednesday? Thank you!

Cinema Time Change

Hi everyone,

I have just been told that the cinema time tomorrow has changed to 10.30.

Hope to see you there!