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Titanic Exhibition

I know that so many of you really enjoyed learning about the Titanic in Year 5, so I thought you would like to know that there is an excellent exhibition in London this summer. It features more than 300 artefacts that have been recovered from the ship. A friend of mine (who is also a teacher!) has visited and says that it was a very interesting and well laid out exhibition.

Here is the website if you would like to ask your parents if you can visit during the holidays (the exhibition is open until September 29th 2011): http://www.titaniclondon.co.uk/


Goodbye Everyone


Wow, what a year it’s been! It was so sad having to say goodbye to everyone today! 😦  Thank you very much for all the lovely presents – they are very much appreciated. 😀

I hope you have a lovely summer and I am sure you are going to have a fantastic Year 6 with Mrs Ridgeon!  I know you are all going to go on to achieve so much in your lives and I hope you will keep in touch. I will leave the blog open so that you can look back at all the things we did in years to come and add posts or comments. It really has been a fantastic year for me and thank you all for being such great learners – always full of enthusiasm!

Remember to always Keep Calm and Drink Tea! 😀

Mrs Davies

Science Workshop

This afternoon we had a great time learning about synthetic biology, designing DNA sequences for our own bug creations and bottling our own DNA!

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Angry Birds projects!

Here is a link to Cosmin’s Angry Birds Scratch project. There will be more up tomorrow!


New moon for Pluto!

A fourth moon has been discovered around Pluto today! It’s currently called P4 – if you have a good idea for a name you should get in touch with them!

Something cute for the weekend

how i feel year five has gone…

im Josie and im writing about year five and how great its been heres some things that have made me smile in year five

  • the poetry performance
  • turkish penpal
  • creative writing club