Looking to the stars

How to Post

People from 5D are encouraged to write blog posts about what we have been doing in class, a short story you have written or a post about one of your interests, etc.

Please write your blog post in the comments of ANY post on this site. Put THIS IS A POST at the start of the comment and I will check it and normally turn it into a post for you.

I will also give you plenty of opportunities to write blog posts when you are in school.


Comments on: "How to Post" (9)

  1. Karen Read said:

    Thank you for showing me your “Disaster” posters this morning. I was very interested in the facts and images that you have found using the internet and the effective ways you have used to display this information. Well done 5D! ( Alice’s Mum)

  2. Do you what to know ho

  3. w to get snow on your blog??

  4. Lydia's Mum, Jules Robbins said:


    how do we get started on creating a Blog, please?


  5. can I log into avenue5d and get the snow??? I know the pasword and username! (I cant get into the avenews!!!!!!!

  6. James and Douglas said:

    Really good work we really like.

  7. WOW what a pretty blog!How did you get all of your names on to the background? LOVE BLOGGING!

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