Looking to the stars

im Josie and im writing about year five and how great its been heres some things that have made me smile in year five

  • the poetry performance
  • turkish penpal
  • creative writing club

“Linda again, you have been exsclodid from school again!” shouted mum who was pacing up and down sighing and tutting i yawned

“linda you hafe to take this seriously school affects your future”mum shouted

“i dont need to think about the future because is int the future isnt here quite yet is it!” i shouted back crossley

“you need to change your mind about school ok” she handed me a peice of paper

“write down what next year will be diffrant because…”she said handing me a pen i started to write

next year will be diffrant because…i will always try my hardest a school and do my mum proud.

A fun website!

Try out this website – I have a feeling you will really like it!



The Highwayman

Here is a link to a website featuring the Highwayman film:


The technique used is known as “machinima” – creating films using computer graphics, often from video games – in this case, The Sims 2!

It was Christmas eve. I knew it because my two step-brothers were playing Jingle Bells on their trumpets. The smell of turkey was drifting in.
I was playing Snakes and Ladders with my little sister when the doorbell rang and in came my family. My mum came in and gave us each a piece of paper that had “Next year will be different because…” on it. We all had to write down an answer. It’s a family tradition you see, but I never know what to write. This time I just wrote “because I I’m moving on to high school”.

This Tuesday, July 12th, will be the first time that Neptune has completed an orbit of the Sun since its discovery in 1846!

To celebrate this we will be having a birthday party for Neptune on Tuesday morning! There will be space/planet-themed music, games and some party food. You can also bring in a space-themed outfit – eg a top with stars on – to change into for the party. Let me know in the comments if you have any ideas about music or games we should play!

From “The Heads Office”:
Sadly, this is the last 100 Word Challenge for this school year. Many, many thanks to all the children who participated, all the teachers who linked and all of you who read and commented.

For the last Challenge the prompt is …Next year will be different because….

Make sure that as it is the last one of the year that you check all those clerical things like spelling and punctuation. Make it really creative by choosing some really good descriptive vocabulary. Don’t forget to visit other entries and leave comments so that we can all improve.