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Quad Blogging

Quad Blogging is an idea created by David Mitchell of Heathfield Primary School. It brings together classes with blogs from across the country into a ‘Quad’ over a 4 week period.

Imagine four schools that had a partnership/agreement that would mean that for a four week cycle, each school’s blog would be the focus for one week out of four. Each school in the Quad would spend some time visiting the blog of the school for that week, leave comments etc. After that week, another one of the four schools would be the focus and this would be repeated for the four week cycle and then repeated. It wouldn’t take the pupils long to work out that in their week, they would get a boost in visitor numbers and comments. This would give a real focus to have posts online ready for this bulge in visits.

David Mitchell from his blog here

In this cycle, our Quad contains the following class blogs:

Old Mill Primary School

Heron Primary School

Alex Wilson’s Class 

This will be the first cycle of the Quad and starts the week beginning 31st January.

We’re really looking forward to the Quad Blog and seeing how it’s all going to work!


Comments on: "Quad Blogging" (13)

  1. We Love going on Alex’s blog its really fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Avenue 5D you are absolute stars! The amount of comments you have left on our blog and the encouragement you have given the class has been outstanding. The class has really appreciated it and so have I. We’re looking forward to visiting your blog lots next week and will try and comment as much as we can (there’s only 8 of us in the class!)

    Once again – many thanks (and especially thanks to Mrs D who has got you involved and given you the time to take part!)


  3. I like your blog! I wonder what the other’s will be like hmmmm….

  4. Thanks for that comment do your class want to look at our blogs by clicking on Caitlin and Syries blog and Hogwarts castle ( Which is all about Harry Potter) we hope you and your class will like them!!!

  5. thank you alex for posting that brilliant comment! do you really have only 8 children in your class?! we would love that!it would be so calm.

    • You’re welcome blog675. We’re a special school and all the students have different learning difficulties which is why the class is a lot smaller than yours. I wouldn’t say it’s always calm but we do have fun!

  6. Really sorry everyone – Heron School are a little bit behind and have only just discovered who is in our quad. We will try to make up for being late!

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