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Lara’s 100 word challenge

It was Christmas eve. I knew it because my two step-brothers were playing Jingle Bells on their trumpets. The smell of turkey was drifting in.
I was playing Snakes and Ladders with my little sister when the doorbell rang and in came my family. My mum came in and gave us each a piece of paper that had “Next year will be different because…” on it. We all had to write down an answer. It’s a family tradition you see, but I never know what to write. This time I just wrote “because I I’m moving on to high school”.


Last 100 word challenge of the year!

From “The Heads Office”:
Sadly, this is the last 100 Word Challenge for this school year. Many, many thanks to all the children who participated, all the teachers who linked and all of you who read and commented.

For the last Challenge the prompt is …Next year will be different because….

Make sure that as it is the last one of the year that you check all those clerical things like spelling and punctuation. Make it really creative by choosing some really good descriptive vocabulary. Don’t forget to visit other entries and leave comments so that we can all improve.

100 Word Challenge

Here is this week’s 100 word challenge…

…That was SO difficult!…

Please do join in! The main page is here:  http://www.theheadsoffice.co.uk/100-word-challenge-week-10/

It would be lovely if some of you could enter and and also take a look and comment on some other people’s!

Remember, before you submit your post, please read it through carefully and check your punctuation!

Holiday 100 word Challenge!

Hope you are all having a lovely holiday – I am!

Here is this week’s 100 word challenge for anyone who would like to take part!

This week is going to be easy! It is a picture of Bodiam Castle which is in East Sussex. You can write any story or you could research it and write about something that happened there.As usual you only have 100 words.

This is the chance to write a really creative piece. But it must make sense! Please read through your work BEFORE you post. That way you will make sure that those silly clerical mistakes are removed.

Have fun!

Lewis’s 100 word challenge

Ben had tons of Lego he made cars, trains and houses .One day he even made a perfect model of himself but then his little sister came in and knocked it over, it’s leg fell off so Ben hid it in a flower pot. “Bed time Ben” called his mum so Ben went to bed. In the morning Ben looked out of the window at the where he had buried the leg, now it had 36 legs sticking out of the top. He went outside to have a closer look, the pot had grown 20 times bigger and had a face.

Alexia’s 100 word challenge homework

I walked round this weird, strange, boring place. I was EXTREMELY tired. I looked on this dusty, rocky pavement and found this strange looking ring.  When I picked it up I felt that it was pulling me somewhere………….

I opened my eyes, I found myself  looking into the eyes of this massive sculpture. Then I realised where I was, I was on the other side of the park…wait..where’s mum and dad…..?!

I satred into this sculpture’s eyes. He asked me

“Who are you, and why are you here?”

I knew I shouldn’t talk to strangers so I ran for it…

josies 100 word challenge

“FINE!” mum shouted after the tenth time I asked to go out. It was Paris after all and she couldn’t really think I couldn’t go out and explore on holiday!!! I walked a long way trying to find a fish and chip shop but I had no luck! Then I saw a sculpture. It had a red angry face and there were legs sticking out of his head. Maybe it represents people being murdered or killed. I felt a bit scared. I suppose its a lot like they’re being swallowed because if you die you have been swallowed by death and you can never come back.