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Ben’s Robin Hood story

He was behind them!

Robin quickly turned and raised his sword from his scabbard. Terrified, Will was hiding behind Robin thinking of something useful to do in this situation. So he thought about why they were here in the first place. To rescue Maid Marion!

Will tugged the chain that held Maid Marion tight. He got his sword and cut the chain with a clank! Robin stomped on the Sheriff’s foot. “Aa! That was my bad foot!” said the Sheriff. Maid Marion held the boys back and said, “Let me handle this one boys,” and with a big kick she knocked the Sheriff out! The guards leapt out from somewhere but Robin said they were addicted to biscuits. “Do you want some biscuits?” said Robin. “Oh yes,” said the guards. Robin Will and Maid Marion ran off back to their camp.


Syrie’s Robin Hood story

The Sheriff was behind Will Scarlet and Robin Hood so without thinking Robin turned. “Robin at last we meet” the Sheriff said wickedly. Will quivered then Robin said “Give back Maid Marion Sheriff!” And with that Robin got a small dagger and the Sheriff got out his shining and covered in blood. They started fighting. So as quick as a flash Will ran to Maid Marion and tried to pick at the lock with a rusty old paper clip.

“Come on come on” Will muttered desperately and finally the rusty old lock opened ad the rusty iron gate opened and there huddled in the corner was Maid Marion. “Come on Marion we have not got long” Will said shaking so Marion got up and tried to get to Will but she was stuck. “Help me!” she squealed desperately. “Oh no” Will said. “It looks like she ate too much cream cake” Will muttered. And they ran and saw Robin and the Sheriff fighting then Robin’s eyes glimmered. He had a plan. Then he spoke. “Hey Sheriff you know that the biggest dinosaur’s behind you!” The Sheriff turned round and as quick as lightning Robin punched the Sheriff into a sack tied him up and ran for it. “Woah she has ate a lot of cream cake” Robin whispered and escaped back into the woods.

Charlie’s Robin Hood story

Suddenly Robin felt a sword on his shoulder, the Sheriff was behind them! Robin handed Will his bow and then they both ran. Will held out the bow and the Sheriff tripped over it. Robin fought the Sheriff eventually the Sheriff fell over. Will asked him where Marion was. He told them and then Will and Robin ran to the cell she was in. Will said to the guard “Did you know if your hand is bigger than your face it’s a sign of low intelligence?” The puzzled guard held up his hand to his face and then Will smacked the guard’s hand into his face. “Help me lord help me,” said Marion. Will and Robin dragged Marion out of the cell and they started running. As they ran past the Sheriff he started getting up. Marion held up her hands to stop Will and Robin taking another step. With one strong kick Marion knocked the Sheriff unconscious. “I knew I had that,” said Marion. “Remember to shop at the village shop, all you can eat for one crown,” said Will mockingly. With that they ran back to the woods, as silent as mice. Their camp in the forest was a dump. The Sheriff’s men had wrecked it! But in a few minutes it was back to normal.

Tommy’s Robin Hood story

The Sheriff was behind them!

Will Scarlet swung round vigorously. “Robin look out!”

Robin drew his sword from his bead embroidered scabbard, and span around. Robin yelled to Will, “Go and find Marion.”

“But but-”

“Just go!”


Will ran to find Marion. He came across three staircases. He thought about which one to go up, then he saw a solid iron gate at the top of a staircase. He ran up it. he saw a scared woman in the dungeon. Could it, could it be, “Marion!”

Some fool had left the gate open. “Come on, let’s get you out of here.”

Meanwhile Robin had been fighting the sheriff. Robin had knocked the sword out of the sheriff’s hand and was now threatening to kill him. Then he hesitated.

“I’ll come back next time,” he said. “Come on, let’s get out of this place.”

“Yes I agree,” said Will Scarlet.

They ran for the portcullis. Will pulled hard on the rope, It opened with a small clink and they ran into the dark silent night, they were free!

Maili’s Robin Hood story

Robin span around to see his worst enemy.

“Will! I’ll handle this! You go and save Marion!”

“Are…are you sure?”

“Yes now go!”

Will made a run for it.

“You think you’re so clever don’t you! Nothing can get past the mighty Sheriff of Nottingham!”

“Oh really?” Robin took his sword.

“Yes really!”

Meanwhile, Will was digging a hole to save Marion. There, he saw a huddled up creature sitting alone.

“You there!” Will cried out.

“I beg your pardon!” said the creature. “How dare you speak to me like that!”

“Sorry, are you Maid Marion?” said Will.

“Yes as a matter of fact I am!” replied Maid Marion.

“Come on I’m here to save you!”

“What? You here to save me? Pah!”

“I am, Robin told – ”

“I thought it would be a handsome prince here to save me!”

“Come on we have to get you out of here!” Will grabbed Maid Marion and heaved her out of the dirty dungeon.

“Yuck how dirty I am if my father would of heard about this – ”

“Who is your father?”

“The Emperor of China!” she said proudly.


Will and Marion ran as fast as they could. When they got to the Sheriff and Robin it was getting very violent…

“Clink!” went their swords.

“Aha!” cried out the Sheriff, “I’m winning!”

“I wouldn’t let you win if it was the last thing on earth!” Come on Robin you can do it! Robin thought as quick as lightning Robin stabbed the sheriff. The sheriff fell to the ground. Just to make sure, Robin shot the sheriff with an arrow.

“Shirley shot the sheriff surely!” said Will.

“Nice one except my name isn’t Shirley it’s Robin!”

They carried on walking into the sunlight.

Children in Need Art Afternoon

This afternoon, as part of our Children in Need day, half of our class swapped with half of 3J! We had a great time! In 3J they made spotty & other designs bookmarks, and in our class we made boomerangs with spotty aboriginal designs. Have a look at our fab work!

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Letters to Europe

Wow! What a great afternoon of writing we’ve had! Many thanks to Sarah and Asmerom for coming to see us again and for being so inspirational!

Here is the Simple Acts website with the video to watch: Simple Acts

Here are some of our fantastic Letters to Europe!

Dear Europe,

I’ve always dreamed of being in your grounds and learning all your languages and ideas. But I don’t know if I can trust you and others. Everyone says that you’re so clean and tidy, never horrid or the bully of everything. That’s why I’m nervous, it’s my first time meeting you and I don’t know why.

I’ve read all about you, all your facts and your ways. I can hear you, I know it sounds weird but it’s true. I’ve tasted your food, it’s delicious and I think it must be made by a very famous person!

In my mind I can picture you smiling and waving at me and I’m very happy about moving away from this horrid camp. And I’m happy that at last I can see you.

Your new hopefully friend,


Dear Europe,

I hope you’re kind to me. I hope you’re smart. I hope I can smell, also touch, hear and defend you, because I think you’re giant but also small, and I hope you have pavements to guide me all around you Europe. Your grass is soft and mountains are white and fluffy. So I will be there one day Europe, I will be there.


Dear Europe,

I want to go into you but you won’t let me in. It’s like you have locked the door and you don’t want to answer the doorbell. But I still wait at the doorstep, waiting and waiting for you to answer.


Dear Europe,

As I look down on you, taking in your beauty, my heart fills with hope. As I watch the sun rise I really, really wish you will accept me in your arms. I smell your warmth and courage, then I take a smell of my air and flood with jealousy as all the dull normal air comes to me – the air that they say is mine.


Dear Europe,

As long as I dream of you it feels like I am there. Full of happy kids and full of cars, and I think I am there but I am not there. I gulp your air and I am jealous of you, but as all dreams have to wake up and I gulp my air in and hate it in disgust.


Dear Europe,

Please let me in so I can see your beautiful grass fields and tall mountains. I dream of you every day.

You are the only place I want to go, you feel to me the best continent ever. If I were in you I know I would see amazing sights, smell lovely smells, feel the softest grass ever and eat the nicest food on the planet.

So, Europe

Please let me in so I can have a wonderful life and I will no longer have to dream of you but experience all the lovely stuff for real!


Dear Europe,

I wish I could be in your lovely warm hands and feel the sun on my cheeks. I hope we might unite some day but for now I remain English. I want to come in to Europe but it’s like an invisible force is pushing me away.


Dear Europe,

With beautiful sun beaming down on you. How I’m jealous of your sun-ripe grass and beautiful rich taste of air, and my fumy air. Your sense of humour and your music softly playing. Although our countries are much different and far apart I want yours and you want mine. So Europe remember me and my country and I will definitely, definitely remember yours.

Yours faithfully,


Dear Europe,

Even though you are far away I still long to have you.

To take you away and never give you back.

To hide you in my pocket and never show a soul.

How I long to have you.

With your glistening lakes and shining seas, sunny days and green, green leaves.

How I long to have you.

With your ice-capped mountains and your golden sand, your wonderful scents and your everlasting land that lies so beautifully.

So please will you

protect me and stay with me




Dear Europe,

I see your warmth and your loving coming over to me, making me feel quite jealous, but it doesn’t matter because I care for you.

Watching the flow of your river going under the bridge fast with all your waves racing to get to the finish, your birds flying in the trees, crisp apples in those trees, sometimes falling off because pecked by the colourful birds.

I see your mountains, some high, some low, some in the middle, in winter covered with snow like a little white sheet placed on it.

Thank you for having me.



Dear Europe,

I don’t feel we’re together properly. In the summer I used to go outside but now I don’t. I stay inside all day in my room, playing with my toys. At night I listen to music, close my eyes and sleep.

Now I feel like I’m more with you. I go outside more and sweet smells of your flowers come into my nose.

I taste your delicious food you have made and see your pretty rivers you made and your lakes.

I hope we meet soon again.

Love from



Dear Europe,

When I sleep I dream of you. I think of what you’ll be like in the future. Will your cars still be cars? Will your houses still be houses? I think of when I was looking down at you from a plane. Your houses that look like pebbles. Your cars that look like little dots of the rainbow, blue, red, green, yellow, all the colours I can think of.



Dear Europe,

You look up at me when I am in a plane. I adore your patchwork fields and your snow topped mountains and your magical buildings. I’m coming Europe, I’m coming.



Dear Europe,

From the breezes of the mountains to the water in the depths, visiting your unseen discoveries you seem like a totally different person from me. Why can’t I just see your point like this? From the help you gave me, all I needed. So many people staying at home not getting a gift of seeing you, a fabulous place you are, can I stay here forever? Through the good and bad? Or shall I go home where I belong? I shall have to decide what’s good for me, and what i have feelings about. You are the person who has to persuade people to see you.



Dear Europe,

I write this as I dream of you so far away, I often wish I could breathe in your cool sweet air, tender and soft, your air stroking over my cold cheeks, making me warm and content. I want to be with you to feel your ground as soft as cotton. Your clouds watch me as I sigh in this machine flying over you. I feel comfortable as I think I will be part of you to breathe in your air, to feel your ground beneath my feet and to be safe from all harm and to have peace in my mind.

Until we meet, Europe, until we meet.


What great writing! And there is still more to come! I am hoping that we will be able to make all our letters into short videos that we will be able to share on the blog. Excellent writing, 5D!