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Dance Show!

I was very pleased to catch a glimpse of your rehearsal this afternoon – the dance is looking really good now! You are all going to be stars at the performance!

I thought you might like some ideas of possible costumes, so have gathered together a few fashion pictures from the 80s to give you some inspiration for what you might like to wear!

Boys – Jeans with shirts and skinny ties seem very popular choices – you could also go for a waistcoat like Ferris Bueller himself!

Girls – Leggings and a bright flarey skirt would be great – plus legwarmers maybe???!!! Layers are a great idea, layering bright tops over each other – maybe wearing an oversized T-shirt with a belt tied round it, over leggings.

Check out these great 80s style looks! Should be really fun to dress up for the show! (I wonder if any of your parents wore any clothes like these in the 80s?! I own up…I used to wear legwarmers!!!)

Click on a picture if you’d like to see a bigger version!