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The Fox and The Heron By Maili and Jasmine

A few weeks ago we did a play to the class called the fox and the heron. I was the fox and jasmine was the heron we did enjoy it very much! You might of heard about it before because we didn’t make it up.

When the fox is gardening, he thinks of a good trick to play on Mrs. Heron but she doesn’t fall for it and she teaches the fox a good lesson.

We made a few changes to it like when the Heron goes to buy a dress, we made up that the shopkeeper persuades her to use a tesco clubcard and wants the Herron to buy half price apple juice!

Its basically the original  story except a few funny bits added in!

Thank you if you read this! BYE!

By Maili and Jasmine  


Drama Of the Relic

In drama we have been doing a little bit about “The Relic”, we had to be farmers working in the field and we find a box and we also found the key to it and we opened the box and we found a relic, a holy relic stolen from a church in cyprus. turkey. We had to make up who had the relic was it presented to someone, anything like that. Then we had to decide to give it back to the church or sell it we still have not decided but it was fun.

By Rosie and Emily

Drama in action

Today we were visited by our drama adviser, Kate Fleming, who is helping Mrs Davies to improve the way we can all use drama for learning!

We imagined we were farmers who discovered an ancient holy relic while digging in the fields and we had to decide what to do – whether to give it back to the church it had been stolen  from many years ago or whether to sell it to raise money for the village. It was a big dilemma!

Here are photos of our still images, showing how the relic was used:

Can you “read” the scene to work out what the story was behind each image?