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Environment Week

This week is Environment Week in Avenue Junior School! Lots of thanks to our Eco Council members in class, Caitlin, Syrie and Bartosz for helping to organise it!

So far we have had a Pick n Mix on Monday afternoon, where we got to do lots of fun junk modelling activities!

On Tuesday we collected lots of books and toys for Oxfam.

Today was Waste-free Wednesday, where lots of people got a sticker because they didn’t have any packaging in their packed lunch!

Tomorrow is going to be a tricky day for Mrs Davies – Turn-off Thursday! We will not be allowed any electricity in the classroom or ICT suite! That means – NO laptop, NO whiteboard, NO smartphone, NO blogging, NO videos, NO music, NO computers, NO lights, NO heating!!!!!! It has certainly made me notice how much I rely on electricity! It will be a fun challenge and it will help us see if we can help the environment by cutting back on our electricity use in class.

See if you can find any ways to cut back on your electricity at home! I am writing this using battery power on the laptop and only have 1 of my living room lights on 🙂

We would love to see any parents at school at 1pm tomorrow to help us walk up to the park to sketch some flowers! We’ll be back by 2pm sharp.