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Homework: 100 word challenge

From Mrs Skinner’s blog:

Welcome to 100 Word Challenge!

This is a special space for anyone under 16 who wants to share their creative writing. You can go and visit other blogs to see what others are writing about.

Each Friday I will post a prompt. That is something to get you thinking!  It may be part of a sentence that has to be included or a picture to inspire you! It may be a few individual words that have to be used. If you want to take part in the challenge you have to write a post using the prompt and only 100 more words! We may be able to offer the occasional prize to those that we all really like!

You post it on your class blog as usual and when it has been moderated, you can then link it here using the linky below. You can link until the following Thursday.  You can put a title and the URL for the post not the blog! If you’re not sure ask your teacher. If you don’t have a class blog, you can link straight here!

You can come back at any time and click on the other entries and leave comments.

As it is the first week, I will make it easy for you. The prompt is ‘The wind howled in the trees…’ It does not have to be at the beginning of your writing. It can be anywhere as long as it makes sense!

You only have another 100 words so think carefully of which you use. We want lots of creative pieces!

This is your homework for this week! You can either:

  • Submit your writing as a post on this blog
  • Email your writing to me and I will post it for you
  • Or just write it on paper and hand it in to the homework tray at school

I look forward to reading your pieces! The deadline is Thursday 10th March. Good luck!


WW2 Homework

This half term, your main homework is to create a World War Two project.

This could take many forms:

a booklet

a poster

a diary

a model with labels

a film you make

a blog

a powerpoint

a story set in WW2

a drawing with explanations

….or anything else you can think of!

This is the equivalent of 4 weeks’ homework, so I expect everyone to put in maximum effort! There will be certificates for the very best projects.

Good luck and happy learning!