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Target Number challenge!

In our class we sometimes have to try and make a target number using 6 other numbers. You can add, subtract, multiply or divide.

Today our target was to make the number 487 using the numbers 20, 25, 3, 30, 7 and 5, but for the first time ever nobody managed it! (not even Mrs D)

We are not sure if it is possible…can anyone out there solve it???

You can only use each number once.

Good luck! Let us know if you do it!


Class math

In class math we did coordinates and it was a bit like battle ships or connect four it was really fun.

How you play: first draw a grid with four lines then mark on the minus numbers

and positive numbers and then the other player marks on your crosses and you mark your players cross and whoever  wins is lucky!

Class maths

In maths we have been doing problems the most recent one, a triangle problem. You had to work out what a little section of the flower made out of triangles. We came up with the answer that it was 1/512 of a perfect square of paper.

By Charlie and Freddie

Prime number ponderings


Today in Class Maths we investigated prime numbers. Did you know that 2011 is a prime number? Not only that, but it is also the sum of 11 consecutive prime numbers!

We tried to find other prime numbers that are the sum of consecutive primes.

For example, 2 + 3 = 5

7 + 11 + 13 = 31

There are quite a lot! See if you can add one in the comments section and earn yourself a team point!


WE Have been doing 3d shapes in maths and now i know what a hexagonal prism is.


 Maths is fun  in groups because you get  jobs to do. Like resources manager. And you can work in a group.

Maths in class

Is……………….GREAT FUN!!We’ve been doing class maths in it we’ve had to solve problems some are one’s where you have to put numbers up to in 100 in 3 groups and a one that with the one’s left over.There was also one where you had to find the longest route going triangle square circle the longest someone came up was 22.Well that’s what we did in maths!