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Get rid of the oak tree!

In Literacy this week we have been looking at the story of Mr Cartwright’s plans to sell a field containing an oak tree in order to build a playground. We held a debate and discussed the two sides of the argument.

Here are a few of our persuasive letters saying why the oak tree should be removed. Can you spot our persuasive language?

Help us make way for a fun children’s playground

A rotten weary oak tree unfortunately still stands weakly in the grounds of a field belonging to Mr Cartwright. The tree is a dangerous place for children so for the children’s happiness we are going to cut the tree down and build a safe playground.

If you don’t agree here is some reasons why we should cut down the tree.

1) My child went up there and broke his arm seriously

2) The tree is going to make my house fall down!

3) The animals that live in the tree wreck my garden!

If you disagree don’t sign.

Thank you, please come to the debate.

by Emily


Help us make a great, fun playground

A weary tree stands in a field which Mr Cartwright owns. But now Mr Cartwright is going to sell it to make way for an amazing playground. It’s going to be a fun, safe and brilliat playground!

Safety. The tree is so weak it could fall down any time. A local man said that heis son broke his arm on that tree. Lots of people say that it is unsafe.

The squirrels are a mess and a nuisance.

Therefore I urge you to sign our petition to remove the tree.

by Freddie


Help us make way for a recreation of a children’s playground

An old oak tree stands plainly in the grounds of a field, belonging to Mr Cartwright. Until now, the field has been used only for horses to graze, and local children to have just enough room to walk. Mr Cartwright has plans to sell the field to the town council, who want to trim down the oak tree, and put on concrete, and build a fun, safe, children’s playground.

Firstly the tree is dangerous. A local man told us that his son had recently broke his arm by falling off the tree. The playground will be a safe place for children, and will have grips for when it rains.

Furthermore, all the children want a playground in the area, because they are bored at home. “I really want a playground to play in,” says Tim, age 9.

Finally, the squirrels are ruining people’s gardens and eating all the birds yummy food, which is ruining the bird population.

Therefore I urge you to sign up to get the tree removed and build in a children’s playground.

by Millie


Help us to make way for a fun children’s playground

I would like to chop down the weary old oak tree, because it’s about to fall down also blocking all the sun in my garden, so it’s not sunny and one morning my son was climbing the tree and broke his arm really badly, so I would like to make way for a fun safe playground for my son, so he can play and the other children.

Three reasonss to get rid of the old oak tree.

1. It’s blocking the sun of my garden and I want my tomatoes.

2. One of the branches might fall down on a child.

3. The tree roots are affecting the foundations of my house.


Because of all the problems with the tree, cutting it down is a good idea. The children will gain a fantastic playground.

by Douglas