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Today we looked at the results of our evaporation experiments! It was very exciting – we had measuring cylinders, microscopes, the visualiser and even cotton buds for examining our results carefully!
If anyone would like to tell us something you learnt today or share some of your results in the comments section of this post, you can earn a team point!


Science Work

In science we were learning about solids,liquids and gases.
It was great fun. We had to make a grid and put liquids and solids and gases. I put h2o and lots of others.

By George

All about the brain!

Good afternoon 5D!

Your mission this afternoon is to find the answers to the questions you thought of this morning – and more!

Use Google or Bing to find the answers. You could start by typing in something like “Brain facts for kids”.  

Remember to use key words to help with your search. If you want to find out how much the brain weighs, try typing in “brain weight” or even “average brain weight”. Remember to check how reliable the page you have found is. For example, “Wiki Answers” can be written by anyone – think about how reliable the answer seems and check with another page to see if the answers match.

Useful websites are:





When you have found your answers, write the facts you have found out in your jotter. Also add interesting facts to this Wallwisher! http://www.wallwisher.com/wall/thebrain