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Spellings for 14th March

Orange – care, caring, careful, hope, hoping

Blue – beauty, beautiful, leave, leaving, caring

Red – beautiful, rehearse, rehearsal, fascinate, fascinating

Remember the rules about what happens when you add a suffix onto a word that ends in e. Also, FAS-CINATING!


Spellings for 7th February

These are for next week…

Red: Pollution, competition, professional, politician, confusion

Blue: Reflection, fiction, direction, cushion, fashion

Orange: Fraction, fiction, station, motion, emotion

Spellings for 1st February

Sorry, I totally forgot to put these up last week!

Red: Applied, achievement, perceived, neighbourhood, mischievous

Blue: Applied, achieve, perceive, neighbour, mischief

Orange: Piece, friend, field, believe, eight

Spellings for 24.1.11

Blue: education, mission, competition, emotion, mansion

Red: percussion, transmission, electrocution, infusion, exclusion

Orange: fraction, mission, potion, explosion, reduction

Spellings for 17th January


Ceiling, deceit, decisive, discipline, cinnamon


Decide, descend, recite, cinema, decimal


Decide, recent, centre, cake, circle

Spellings for 22/11/10

Red Group: Phenomena, Buffaloes, Magnolias, Tagliatelli, Torpedoes

Blue Group: Dominoes, Samosas, Bacteria, Criteria, Macaroni

Orange Group: Rotas, Bananas, Cameras, Galas, Echoes

Spellings for 8th November


Stopped, bigger, running, hummed, winner


Careful, carried, sunnier, beeped, helping


Disgusting, carried, sunnier, accommodate, disappear