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My Morning-By Rosie

I open my eyes and see the sun shining through my eyes through my window, so bright making me wake up,

On the ceiling there is a shape like a circle, maybe an orange or a football,

I never noticed how the morning smells like pain au chocolat, my breakfast, the smell all over the house,

The floor under my feet is all soft and comforting making me go down stairs to feel more,

I can hear the T.V. that is the news, booming all around the living room,

Outside the window the sky is purple and there is snow, that is rainbow coloured,

I can also hear people calling out that the snow tastes of sweets!

In the hall there is everyone’s coats hanging from the last time we used them.

I feel energetic like I want to run a marathon or something like that.

In the kitchen I have my breakfast, of my pain au chocolat, still smelling around the house.

And that was my morning


Praise poem for cupcake by emily

Oh scrumptious delight what a beautiful sight

Every time I have you my mouth starts to water

When I lick your icing, I lick it on a tick of time 

But when it comes to the cake,  I gobble you up as fast as I can

dear cupcake,oh yes  you’re my favourite dessert

This is a note from me to you.

praise poem to chips

oh majestic chips,

you are the king of my mouth,

every month when i have you ,

you make my mouth water,

you make my month complete,

you are always in my head

sometimes i dream of you when

you are under the earth,

because your always be my chip.

orange poem by Ben

an orange reminds me of when we were putting up the christmas tree.

it is the planet Jupiter.

It is a missing cart wheel rolling down a bumpy hill.

It feels like an orange tennis ball.

It smells of fresh air in the morning.

It sounds like a card board box being ripped.

It tastes nothing like a snail.

The bouncy snake by Doug

A snake slithering down the stairs

ready to bounce out .

at night i’m like a poor snake

and locked in a cage for sun and moons.

What is it?

Well Versed session 3

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Today we mainly focused on editing our poems and getting ready for our showcase next week! It’s amazing how changing a few words here and there can make poems sound even better.

Praise Poem shark

Oh lord of the seas,

You swim like a dolphin,

Sneaking through the waters searching for prey.

You wound and swim looking through the waters pouncing at fish.

You could smell the blood from a tower that blinds you with power.

You guard the seas tiptoeing on your teeth. You shimmer in the morning sun with your eyes gleaming in the pitch dark.

When I wake up I can see a shark swimming in the black waters searching in disguise.

By Bartek