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What are we learning this half-term?

Here are our plans for this half-term:

Literacy – Persuasive Writing, followed by Significant Children’s Authors: Roald Dahl

Maths: Data handling, measuring, division, fractions

CC: People On The Move: Focus on the Second World War

Science: Changing state – freezing, melting, condensing, evaporating

ICT: Using the internet effectively

RE: Worship, Pilgrimage and Sacred Places: World Religions

PSHE: Say No To Bullying

PE: Dance


What are we learning this half-term?

Here’s what we will be learning about in the first half of the Autumn term!

Main topic – Our first main topic is called Brainstorm! We will be learning all about the brain – how it works and how we can become better learners!

Literacy – Film Narrative.  We’ll be looking at how films tell stories and different camera techniques.

Maths – We will be starting off with place value and times tables and doing some problem solving!

Science – We will be learning about Gases. Do you know the names of any gases?

RE – Teachings and Authority in Islam. We’ll be learning about the Qur’an and why it is important to Muslims.

ICT – Multimedia.

PSHE – New Beginnings.

French – Greetings – Bonjour!

PE – Miss Parsons and Mrs Thompson will be teaching you for PE this year!

I look forward to seeing you all on Monday, ready to learn!