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What are we learning?

Rosie suggested that it would be a good idea to have this extra page so that everyone can see what we are learning each half term! Great plan, Rosie!

Summer Term (2nd Half)

LiteracyNewspaper reports, diaries (The Titanic); Narrative Poetry (The Highwayman); Stories from other cultures (Dreamtime stories)

Maths – Multiplication and division (including decimals); measurements; data handling

Science – Healthy Living (The heart; healthy eating; hygiene)

Creative Curriculum – They See The World Like This (Impressionism; Pop Art)

RE – Teachings and Authority in Hinduism

ICT – Databases

PE – Outdoor games

Summer Term (1st Half)

LiteracyInterviews, recounts, journalistic writing, biographies

Maths – Positive and negative numbers, properties of numbers, addition and subtraction methods

Science/Creative Curriculum – To Infinity and Beyond! We will be learning all about space!

RE – Teachings and Authority in Christianity

ICT – Databases

PE – Preparing for our Dance Show and outdoor games

Spring Term (second half)

Literacy – Dramatic Conventions (Adverts and radio scripts); Instructions

Maths – Measures, fractions, decimals, problem solving

CC – Robot Wars – we will be learning about computers, robots, doing junk modelling, learning about sustainability and making art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy

Science – Life Cycles – we will be learning about how plants reproduce, the names of parts of plants, and what they need to live

RE – Sagrada Familia – We are continuing our study of this amazing building and will be putting together an audio guide.

PE – Tuesdays and Thursdays – Gymnastics

PSHE – Going for Goals

Spring Term (first half)

Literacy – Myths, Legends and Traditional Tales (including Robin Hood)

Choral and Performance Poetry (including the Well Versed project)

Maths – Multiplication, division, working with decimals and fractions

Science – What is sound?

Creative Curriculum – Around The World In 33 Days – Turkey – learning about the history, traditions and geography of Turkey. We will be making presentations, putting forward a bid for Turkey in an inter-school “Host The World Cup” competition, painting Turkish landscapes, learning about the Turkish Grand Prix, and thinking about similarities and differences between Turkey and the UK. We will also be having a “Turkey Day” where we will hopefully be tasting lots of delicious Turkish food – more details to follow!

Music – Mrs Hellebronth is working on some Turkish music

RE – We are studying the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and learning why it is an important place for Christians

PE – Gymnastics


Comments on: "What are we learning?" (9)

  1. Sounds like a good term coming! I’m really excited about the next Well versed poetry lesson, as I really enjoyed the last one!!!!!

  2. it sounds fun cant wait!!!!

  3. I hope you have lots of fun

  4. I can’t wait till robot wars! Ive designed my own Eco robots.

  5. Really?
    I want to build a grat robot with a laser!!
    But of course, I havent got experience!
    How do you make an Eco robot anyway??

  6. same I LOVE ROBERT WARS it dosent sound girly but still i love it

    • I’m really looking forward to it too! Let me know if there’s anything you really want to find out about – eg artificial intelligence or recycling or anything like that and I can work it into the planning!

  7. That was a good term!!!!:)-phew, it’s over

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